Where will you find the insights to transform your organization?

The iPod and iTunes completely transformed the music business, but they weren’t developed by traditional industry players. That’s no surprise. At Crow Insight, we believe that creativity and innovation are fueled by adapting solutions from one arena for the pressing problem of another. That’s why we read widely, tackle conundrums, collaborate with clients and steer clear of preconceived solutions.

Our unique approach is guided by four core principles:


Truth is elusive, but we pursue it. We strive to deliver accurate, meaningful and honest products.


The most long-lasting solutions will arise by mixing our expertise with yours. We suggest starting consulting engagements with training, to strengthen our collaboration.


We do our best to anticipate your needs for information, and reach out proactively with appropriate detail and frequency.

Cost Effectiveness

We are accustomed to tight budgets. If we think of a lower-cost way to achieve your goals, we will suggest it.