Featured Work

Our clients come to us from a wide variety of fields, requiring solutions designed specifically to meet their needs. Our projects rarely start with predefined outcomes but instead arise from our process of collaborative design and iterative development.

We invite you to explore recent examples of completed work, below. Or visit our complete portfolio, where you can see examples of our work in Data Communication, Visual Explanation, Information Dashboards, and Automated Reporting Tools.

Training Workshops

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Effective data visualization and communication need not be a mystery: they are rooted in science and hard-earned craftsmanship. Much of our best work has started with our clients participating in one of our training workshops, which build each participant's capacity to collaborate in creating compelling data products. Learn more.

About Us

We are skilled data storytellers. At Crow Insight, we believe that creativity and innovation are fueled by adapting solutions from one arena for the pressing problem of another. That’s why we read widely, tackle conundrums, collaborate with clients and steer clear of preconceived solutions. We bring this multidisciplinary thinking to every product we develop. Learn more.